Peinture figurative Frank Brisson

Frank Brisson



Paintings of cows, symbols and sources of life, inspired by the countryside where the artist lives

Digital paintings, acrylics, multi-media on wood, canvas, art paper


The artist lives in the countryside, surrounded by cows that he loves and happily observes all year round. In addition to their often shaggy colorful presence in the decor, they are a perfect excuse to express his great interest in symbols, the sacred and spirituality in general.

Brisson has loved cows since his childhood in the countryside of Lafontaine, in the Laurentians, where they were ubiquitous as it is the case today where he lives, in Sainte-Monique, a small rural village in central Quebec. Majestic beasts, peaceful, generous and cautious but also playful and affectionate if they are respected...and you are patient. The first painted cows that struck the then young artist were those of Horatio Walker at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Quebec. It can't be explained, it's like love at first sight.



Along the way, the cow was enriched with meaning, symbolic value and the sacred as the artist learned about the life and history of humans. For him, the cows are shaggy, living spots of color in the scenery they transform and it is even the moving painter Borduas of the end that he sees in those random black and white spots that are a Holstein pasture and he then wonders if the old artist from Saint-Hilaire saw that he was making close-ups of the Mother-Nursing Cow Gao Mata just before he died, abandoned by everyone, starving for love.



Art does not reproduce the visible: it makes visible

Paul Klee

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Frank Brisson


Expressionist and surrealist art, painting, drawing and illustration

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