Peinture figurative Frank Brisson

Frank Brisson



Landscapes of Quebec, Mauricie, Charlevoix, Gaspésie and North Shore inspired by travels and expeditions

Digital paintings, acrylics, multi-media on wood, canvas, art paper


Whether trekking, biking, sea kayaking or motorcycling, the artist travels across Quebec in search of the beauty of the landscapes here or of the hinterland in Mauricie, Charlevoix, Minganie on the North Shore or in Gaspésie.

The landscape has fascinated the artist since his childhood in the Quebec Laurentians, a country of forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. As a young man, he discovered the paintings of Marc-Aurèle Fortin and set out on the same roads to draw and paint the same landscapes there. This communion with nature is a constant in the work of Brisson who will not cease to integrate the landscape into his varied production. The painter has a visceral need to be outside exploring the woods, fishing for pike, drawing cows, paddling 30km on a wild lake, going deep into the blowing snow on snowshoes is a must for Frank Brisson.

Everything in nature leads to meditation and contemplation, he explains: Everything lives, everything dies and everything is regenerated. Everything is there, in the image of our own life. We inhabit this supreme intelligence. In the middle of the forest, I am at home, I am very, very alive there. So, the landscape that I draw or paint is a moment of happy trance, of happiness, of connection with the energy of the World. A moment of recognition that I share with my peers through art, a gift from heaven in my life.

A painter on the island


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Frank Brisson


Expressionist and surrealist art, painting, drawing and illustration

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