Peinture figurative Frank Brisson

Frank Brisson



Real or imaginary portraits, so many mirrors of the soul

Digital paintings, acrylics, multi-media on canvas, wood or art paper


Frank Brisson's characters look at us as if they are probing our own eyes as much as we are probing theirs. They want to mirror our existential questioning without departing from their own existence, intensely charged with all the emotion caused by the color, the line and the movements imposed on it by the soul of the artist.

Each character as an expression of the artist is always necessarily a self-portrait and, in this case, a reflection of his existential questioning in relation to the finitude of being, the presence of the other, the meaning of life, happiness and suffering, passion, love, desire, the contribution of philosophy, history and mythology. Frank Brisson does not consider himself a creator because for him everything is already created.

Faced with the cosmos, faced with this unnameable God whom he senses and observes in the splendor of Creation, he is only a tool, a channel, a medium which serves for the passage of energy, for the expression of the beauty contained in everything as much as in love, which is also unspeakable and which transcends all our mysterious existences. This energy is found in the lively, daring and colorful gesture of the artist, it is his guide and the one who probes his gaze as much as that of the spectators... look, I am here.

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Frank Brisson


Expressionist and surrealist art, painting, drawing and illustration

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